Elsewedy for Engineering Industries, "a subsidiary of Elsewedy Electrical Solutions," pays too much attention to our valued customers' satisfaction.

For those reasons, we launched our new service programme to provide our customers with high-quality maintenance services for all electrical equipment at their sites.

Our SSD programme provides corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance for:

  1. Power and distribution transformers (oil and dry)
  2. All types of MV switchgear
  3. All types of LV switchgear
  4. Control and protection panels
  5. MV&LV Cables
  6. Generators

1. Power and distribution transformers:

  • Oil testing, recirculation, and refill
  • Oil leakage fixing
  • Tan delta testing
  • Bushing replacements
  • Turns ratio and loss calculation

2. MV switchgears:

  • CB maintenance and testing
  • Protection relays configuration and testing
  • BB tightness check
  • BB Insulation test
  • Primary current injection
  • CT and VT Testing
  • Control circuits modifications

3. LV switchgears:

  • CB maintenance and testing
  • BB tightness check
  • Insulation test
  • Control circuits modification

4. LV & MV Cables:

  • Cable insulation testing
  • Cable termination
  • Cable joints


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