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About Us

El Sewedy Electrical Solutions is a diversified set of divisions that deliver an unparalleled and extensive line-up of products, personalized solutions, tailor-made installations and services for the Energy & Infrastructure, Industry and Buildings markets ensuring total customer satisfaction.

with over 75 years of experience in  the  MEA region, El Sewedy Electrical Solutions has managed to sustain its success in a continuously changing market through a constant focus on innovation and evolving business practices, while maintaining the highest ethical standards and meeting customer needs.

The company invests heavily every year to find the best combination of materials, technology and design to ensure the delivery of products that are reasonably priced without compromising neither quality nor durability.

We cater to the diversified needs of our customers through five main business sectors: Power & Control, Lighting Solutions, Cables & Wires, Electromechanical Contracting as well as our Contract Manufacturing Division. Each division offers various services, solutions and products that address specific customer electrification needs including but not limited to lighting fixtures, energy saving lamps, panels and enclosures. These sectors are fully supported by one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the MEA region as well as through our association and strategic partnership with some of the largest companies related to the field.

El Sewedy Electrical Solutions has been investing heavily over the past few years in order to expand its presence throughout the MEA region by upgrading our distribution network, increasing our regional warehouses, depots & distribution fleets as well as opening our own showrooms and strategically located consumer outlets.





Our History

Zaki El Sewedy Holding

Zaki El Sewedy Group was founded in 1938, as a supplier of electric materials. In the 1960s, the Egyptian government elected it as an integral supplier for the largest project at the time, ‘The High Dam of Aswan’. Since then, Zaki El Sewedy Holding has evolved to include various subsidiaries in different market sectors, including AIIT, SEI and SI.

Zaki El Sewedy Holding:

Contracting & Services



  • Arab International Industrial & Trading Company “AIIT”
  • PolyTechnique Testing Lab.
  • Arab Power & Control Corp.
  • Arab Lighting Corp.
  • Arab Distribution & Marketing Corp.
  • El Sewedy Electrometer Group “EMG”
  • GAS Metro Industries
  • El Sewedy Engineering Industries “SEI”
  • El Sewedy Illumination “SI”

El Sewedy Electrical Solutions




Our Brand

Over the years, people have identified El Sewedy Group as a reliable company that they like, trust and feel valued by. Our Brand is recognized in many regions around the world as a design-driven and innovative company offering many types of products and services.

We believe that our Brand encapsulates the body and soul of our company and expresses our core values. Furthermore, we constantly strive to fulfill the promise of guaranteed quality and responsibility associated with our Brand.








Organizational Structure

The company's Organizational Structure was influenced heavily by our desire to implement the rules of corporate governance throughout the group.

Corporate governance differentiates us from many of our peers and has been critical in building our reputation as a capable, ethical and responsive business group.

Board of Directors


•       Mohamed Zaki El Sewedy

Vice Chairman

•       Emad Zaki El Sewedy

Managing Director / CEO

•       Ali Sakr

Board Members (Independent)

•       Hanee Afia (CEO of Roots Group)

•       Ayman Korra (Chairman & CEO of Consukorra)

•       Salma ElSaidy (CEO of First)

Organizational Chart


Benefits of Corporate Governance

Corporate governance has helped El Sewedy Electrical Solutions in paving the way for future growth. It has also laid the ground for a clear separation between management and shareholders, which has minimized the chances for conflicts of interest to arise and provided grounds for a smooth inter-generational transfer of wealth and a divestment of family assets.


It clearly defines the relationship and responsibilities of our operating companies and boards as well as authority levels on important matters to facilitate rapid and effective decision making. Furthermore, the fact that it requires better systems of internal control has resulted in greater accountability and improved profit margins for our company.


The corporate governance process implemented by El Sewedy Electrical Solutions is driven by the scale, scope and complexity of the company's business as well as the shareholders vision of a professional, transparent and ethical organization.




Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be recognized as the best Quality Products and Value-added Services provider in Egypt while establishing robust presence in ME and Africa market by end of 2015.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide our customers with a superior quality power and lighting products.

The diversified experience and Trusted Name in the electrical market are the main driver behind our Service Excellence; capitalizing on our widest Distribution Network, Manufacturing Facilities and highly Qualified Human Capital.

Our Values

A Company Culture based on Core Values


Production Facilities

Production Capabilities & Capacity

With a wide range of products ready to be produced every year, El Sewedy Electrical Solutions continues to optimize its productivity and efficiency through implementing the latest techniques promoted by Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Our comprehensive strategy in furthering the quality of our products and services is propelled by our mounting impetus to deliver excellence.

Our production facilities have been awarded the Total Quality Certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 by world renowned testing labs that include, Intertek and Moody International.


Quality Certifications



Supply Chain Management

In order to optimize our value added chain, several factors need to interact smoothly to ensure the perfect functioning of our supply chain.

This includes savings in procurement, quality assurance as well as guaranteeing delivery reliability and efficient logistics.

This requires among other things building close partnerships with a select group of preferred suppliers.

Our SCM team helps us determine and implement the progressive supply chain strategies necessary for company competitiveness and growth.


Our Technology Partners

Corporate Affiliations

As a leader in the electrification sector, El Sewedy Electrical Solutions has the privilege of being affiliated to many of the leading organizations related to the field.

The following list contains some of our major Technology Partners: