Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

El Sewedy Electrical Solutions provides a full range of manufacturing services with the knowledge, capacity and responsiveness to meet your needs. We consider our contract manufacturing business line to be a key component of our strategy. Our commitment to innovation combined with over 70 years of development, regulatory and manufacturing experience makes us a complete manufacturing partner. You can be assured of reliable product delivery with our expert supply chain management and ISO compliant facilities that are capable of both small and large scale production.

We offer quality production, efficient contract assembly, and consistent compliance with manufacturing standards manufactured conforming to International specifications

•       Wide range of Services sourced out to our customers including:

–        Casting

–        Metal Turning

–        Machining

•       Services suitable for:

–        Molds Design

–        Plastic Injection

–        Die Casting

Customer specific requirements can be met delivering on our promises of quality assurance and competitive cost.

Please contact us for more information or inquiries about our Contract Manufacturing Services. E-MAIL: