Our Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners

El Sewedy Electrical Solutions complements its manufacturing capabilities with an extensive product range from some the industry's leading companies.

As a leading authorized distributor, El Sewedy Electrical Solutions stocks and distributes over 100,000 products under three categories:

·         Cables & Wires

·         Lighting Solutions

·         Power & Control

El Sewedy Electrical Solutions guarantees better service for our customers, through three key focus areas:

1.        Expert Customer Support

Whether you need assistance finding the right part or recommendations for your solution, our high levels of product and service expertise are at your disposal through our product specialist teams who will ensure that you select the most efficient and cost effective solutions that cater to your requirements.

2.       Authorized Distribution

El Sewedy Electrical Solutions only complements its product range with authentic products and components from industry-leading suppliers. This means that our customers can rest assured that the product they order is authentic and comes to El Sewedy Electrical Solutions directly from the manufacturer.

3.       Supply Chain Management

El Sewedy Electrical Solutions is known for its broad reach relative to other companies in the region. We capitalize on the company's wide distribution network comprising of several strategically located warehouses and regional satellite depots providing coverage to our various customer groups. That means there are narrow lead times for in-stock products. 

Please contact us for more information or inquiries about our different Product Ranges. E-MAIL: info@elsewedy.net