El Sewedy Cables

El Sewedy Cables

When it comes to moving electricity from one place to another, El Sewedy Cables conducts its cable-making business with electrical vigor. Through its numerous subsidiaries, the company manufactures power lines and other electrical cables, wires and specialty cables for the electricity, telecommunications, transportation, and building sectors.

Our Power Cables Range includes:

(Overhead conductors, Low Voltage Cables, Medium Voltage Cables, High and Extra High Voltage Cables)

Our Special Cables Range includes:

(Instrumentation Cables, Control Cables, Co-axial Cables, Automotive Wires, Appliance Cables and Cords, Fire Resistant Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, LAN and Telephone Cables)

Our Product Range Catalogues from El Sewedy Cables can be downloaded through the following links:

·         Power Cables:


·         Special Cables:



El Sewedy Cables official Website can be visited through the following link: http://www.elsewedyelectric.com/FE/Common/SectorDetails.aspx?ID=22



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