The Taurus Series provides the best of both worlds (Efficiency and High Quality Light) which makes it ideal for retail, shopping malls, light industrial and recreational environments. Its unmatched photometric performance and advanced housing style allow the benefits of HID to be applied at high mounting heights.

Luminaries Features

Lamp Type

·    Metal Halide

·    High Pressure Sodium

·    Mercury

·    Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Number of Lamps

·    One Lamp


·    Tempered glass totally sealed by rubber gasket and 3 extruded aluminium clips to ensure high ingress protection against dust and water jet (IP65)


·    One piece high purity anodized aluminium reflector (up to 99.9%)

Ballast Type

·    Refer to Ordering Information for available options

Gear Tray

·    Consists of two parts of painted pure aluminium sheet enclosed by silicon rubber gasket and fastening galvanized screws

·    Gear compartment painted with epoxy powder in black matt finish

·    Pre-wired lamp gear (ballast, Ignitor, capacitor and lamp holder) available on an individual galvanized sheet gear tray

·    For Cable entry, the compartment is equipped with cable gland


Luminaries Electrical Characteristics

Power Supply

·    220 Volt AC

Maximum Wattage

·    Metal Halide 400W

·    High Pressure Sodium 400W, 600W

·    Mercury 400W

Feeder Size

·    3 x 2.5 mm2 Cable



·    The luminaries are suspended using a suspension chain

·    The gear tray is mounted in the lower piece of the gear compartment making gear maintenance easy and fast

·    When opened, the two compartment pieces are connected by two chains to facilitate maintenance operation at luminaries mounting height

·    Can be mounted horizontally or vertically upon request

Overall Dimensions

·                D x H = 498mm x 590mm



·                Glass: from 6.170 to 12.198 Kg

Ordering Information


Product Type

Product Family

Installation Type

Number of Lamps

Lamp Wattage

Diffuser Type

Ballast Type






Light Fixtures






Taurus I




























Magnetic with Capacitor



* Example Code: F-T01-P-1-0400-G00-C1

Product Datasheet can be downloaded through the following link:

Taurus I
  • Taurus I
  • Taurus I
  • Taurus I