2- Outdoor Lighting

- Street Lighting:


The Draco series is street lighting luminaires led and gear technologies. Its design ensures optimum optical control and high corrosion resistance. Its housing makes it suitable for use in street lighting, motorways as well as highways and parking areas.

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- Floodlights:


The Orion Series is floodlight fixtures that bring the security and safety of high quality illumination to a variety of outdoor areas and durability specifically designed for airports, open-air car parks and exhibition halls.

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Zodiac floodlights are ideal for outdoor use that ensure an excellent quality of light, it has an optimized weight and size due to its compact design, very homogenous light, energy saving up to 90% comparing to traditional floodlights.

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floodlight luminaire is designed to replace traditional up to 2000w HID floodlights, Which delivers maximum light output while ensuring effective thermal management in order to maximize lifetime and minimize maintenance costs, Designed exclusively for sports, Airports and multifunctional lighting applications.

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