- Medium Voltage Switchgears

1- Primary Switchgear 12KV “SYSCLAD”

SYScladair insulated switchboards equipped with vacuum circuit breaker, are suitable for the primary distribution networks 12KV in according to IEC 62271-200. SYScladMV switchboard is composed by a standardized and modular series of panels metal-clad type (LSC-2B), equipped with withdrawableWL/r -VCB. Each panel and circuit is equipped with necessary mechanical interlocks to ensure maximum safety of the operator. All the functional units of the switchgear are separated, to guarantee the internal arc withstand according to IEC 62271-200 standards. Arc-proof execution and high ingress protection allows these panels to be placed in extreme conditions. They can be employed in power stations, HV/MV substations, industries and in other special applications.

Elsewedy (SEI) manufactures SYSCLAD under license of SAREL

Download M.V SWITCHGEAR 12KV-SYSCLAD Catalogue

Download SAREL_SYSCLAD_ Catalogue

Download SAREL_WL-r_VCB Catalogue

2- Compact Substations (CSS) –Kiosks

1- Medium Voltage Compartment:

It is equipped with Air or SF6 insulated R.M.U 12/24KV. The R.M.U includes up to three cable load break switches and one fused load break switch for transformer protection and metering cell if required.

2 -Transformer Compartment:

It is designed to enclosed a 3 phase transformer with power up to 1500KVA,voltage up to 24KV and oil or dry type transformer. The transformer is connected to the R.M.U through XLPE cables and to the L.V switch board through cables or copper bus-bars.

3-Low Voltage Compartment:

The LV Compartment contains the LV distribution board. The main incoming is usually a circuit breaker with thermal and magnetic protection and with rating according to the transformer rating. Different outgoing feeders types are available as circuit breakers or switch fuses and with different numbers per customer requirements. Including measuring devices and power factor capacitor .

Download KIOSKS Catalogue

3- Ring Main Units (RMU)

We have three types of Ring Main Units:-

a. AIS RMU with Air Load Break Switch “SARING”:

SARING is an air-insulated, three-phase, medium voltage (MV) secondary switchgear. The system includes several standardized cubicles which can be delivered either as a complete switchgear or as individual cubicles according to IEC62271-103.

Elsewedy (SEI) manufactures AIS RMM with Air Load Break Switch in cooperation with ABB & JGE.

Download SARING Catalogue

b. AIS RMU with SF6 Load Break Switch “SFRING”:

SFRING is AIS, metal enclosed RMU with SF6 LBS for the secondary distribution network ,it has been designed to provide wide variety of functions and services as required by modern power distribution system. SFRING LBS uses sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6) for insulation and breaking ,the active part are placed in an insulating enclosure in accordance with IEC62271-103.

Elsewedy (SEI) manufactures AIS RMU with SF6 Load Break Switch under license of SAREL.

Download SFRING Catalogue

c. Smart RMU –GIS Type-Motorized:

Product Name: RMSYS Panel 12/24KV-GIS RMU-SAREL RMSYS switchboards are used in MV secondary power distribution, public or private, with voltage up to 24kV. RMSYS switchboard RMU is composed by a monoblock partitioned into integrated operating units. The stainless steel shell is absolutely sealed, and contains the switching device and all the live parts. The possible combinations of 3 position rotary switches (close, open, earthed) with vacuum circuit breakers or fuses assure to protect the outgoing circuits and/or transformers. Every operating unit contains a plug-in cable connection compartment. A relief valve ensures the safety in the event of overpressure inside the container, in accordance with the standards IEC 62271-1; the pressure is constantly monitored by a manometer placed on the front.

Elsewedy (SEI) manufactures Smart RMU –GIS Type under license of SAREL.

Download Sarel_RMSYS Catalogue

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