4- Landscape Lighting

1- LEO

Wall mounted decorative luminaires provide the opportunity to create exciting lighting effects by projecting a light as up & down emission and quarto emission, luminaires are suitable for outdoor use and complete with long life and high efficient LED chip.


its creative design language creates smooth and wonderful light effect. The downside of the wall lamp is designed with gap to ensure light emitted in the space, and parabolic light and shadow partitions are formed on the wall.


The design concept is based on geometric principle. A rectangle and two triangles form a simple three-dimensional shape, demonstrating the power of geometric abstraction. It’s installation needs only one screw, which applies the concept of minimalist design to the extreme. Multiple combinations of tiles can form various artistic forms. The tile is tangible but the design is boundless. The mystery of light and shadow lies, therefore, in free combination.


It has both versions of wall lamp and bollard, which can be used separately or combined according to the needs of different layout. The round top is strongly compatible with surroundings. Round and soft halo creates vitality and harmony, enhancing visual comfort. Height and surface can be customized to provide a variety of decorative effects, to bring users a free and casual lighting experience.


Modern rectangular bollard with pure aluminum alloy body and excellent heat spreading, it has high protection, available with different heights & wattages upon request.


A Stylish and a robust decorative Post top luminaire with LED light source, it has High performance optic which lead to high visual comfort and uniform light distribution, it distinguished by its high reliability and a high level of resistance against adverse weather conditions due to its high protection degree.


Fence mounted luminaire with square shape and metal body,  it E27 lamp holder make it suitable for different type of lamps GLS,CFL and LED up to 50W LED .

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